How it works

Whatever the situation, Ripa will get you the answer you need – and get you the best live market value at the time the vehicle is listed.

Access high-quality trade-ins direct from retailers and fleets, safe in the knowledge that Ripa’s got your back.

Ripa does all the hard work for you, pinging all potential buyers with notifications the moment you list a vehicle.

No waiting around for interest to build

Ripa’s notification system enables members to specify what types of vehicles are of interest in advance, and a notification is sent instantly every time a matching vehicle comes up.

Notifications are sent

Every potential buyer in the market is made aware at once that the vehicle in front of you can be sold for its true market value in just 60 minutes.

Accept or Reject Bid

At the end of the auction you have the power to accept or decline the top bid, but once accepted, the deal is done.

Kiss goodbye to the risk of taking on unwanted stock

Listing a vehicle takes less than a minute. Simply list a potential trade-in while your customers are taking a test drive, and when you come to crunch the numbers you will already have the best and most certain wholesale offer on their trade-in by the time they sit down to negotiate a deal.

Access the widest possible
wholesale market instantly

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