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Meet the team behind Ripa

Peter Ripley

CEO Co Founder

I sold my first car in 1983, and several thousand since and the way we valued a car then and now has never changed!

Until now – We at ripa have developed an online totally transparent platform to get you the best buy now price for people you believe want to buy!

If you’re interested, I worked in London, Sydney and Auckland for over 35 years, was a decent salesman and a reasonable sales-manager and support Newcastle United for my sins.

Paul Thornton

Technology Manager

I run a Digital Marketing business called Digital Hothouse. I’ve been involved from the early beginnings with Ripa with the App Development, User Experience and Backend Development.

When Peter came to me to discuss his thoughts and plans with the Ripa app I decided that it was something that I had to be involved in and now we have a vested interest in Ripa. The marriage of Digital Hothouse and Ripa should spell a great future.

Peter and I spend half of our time arguing over football and he’s already won a bet with my when his Newcastle United beat my Huddersfield Town.

Paul Bruce

General Manager

The early part of my career I was involved in retail and heavy engineering, prior to moving into the motor industry, my real passion.

For the past 24 years I have worked with manufacturers in both New Zealand and Australia and within the dealer/retail sector in New Zealand, across both top 10 volume makes and prestige brands.

Most recently I worked with Automotive Holdings Group in NZ at the executive management level as Chief Financial Officer of NZ Operations encompassing financial, operational and general management responsibilities for a good portion of this tenure. I bring a strong knowledge and broad range of experience across all facets of the industry.

Andrew Draper

Co Founder

I’ve always been mad about cars, and spent much of my childhood hanging around the local car dealers, pilfering the glossy brochures and correcting the salesmen who invariably knew less about their products than I did.

It was in this context that I was first advised not to pursue a career in the automotive industry, a common refrain that I tried to listen to when I enrolled at Auckland University in 2007

Seven years later I emerged with an LLB and a BA double majoring in Sociology and Criminology, along the way gaining an unbelievable variety of experience in a part-time jack-of-all-trades job at Auckland’s most unconventional car importer.

It took only a brief trial at a small rural law firm to put me off a legal career filled with hard grind and dull paperwork, but lacking any justice, so despite my qualifications I ended up being interviewed by Peter Ripley in May 2017. Four weeks later I had sold 27 cars for him, and so started an unlikely alliance, culminating two years later with the launch of Ripa.

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