What is Ripa

Ripa is an online marketplace unlike any other, created exclusively for the automotive industry.

Carefully designed to be the perfect closing tool when negotiating trade-ins with customers, Ripa is also ideally suited for all vehicle wholesaling and purchasing requirements.

Ripa pioneers three simple features to transform the auto industry

Targeted notifications ensure all buyers are alerted as soon as a suitable vehicle is listed, bringing the market to the seller and freeing up sales staff to focus on the customer instead of seeking offers on trade-ins.

One-hour fixed duration rapid auctions creates an engaging experience for customers and buyers, all within the time frame of a test drive and demonstration.

Final bids are submitted to sellers for acceptance within 15 minutes of the auction end, eliminating the need to set a reserve or agree on a trade-in price with customers.

Is Ripa for me?

You don’t have to be a main street car dealer or even in the automotive industry to enjoy the benefits of Ripa.

A motor vehicle traders’ licence is required. Many corporate fleet owners, finance providers, and other businesses who turn over more than a few vehicles annually will already have a licence.

If you don’t have a trading licence already, acquiring one is a simple process.

Why sell with Ripa?

Eliminate the risks of committing to trade-ins

At Ripa, we understand that when receiving a trade-in vehicle, you can’t afford to take on the effort, delay, and risk involved in trying to on-sell it to the public. If it’s not your usual product or an older vehicle, you probably won’t touch it until you have a firm offer from a wholesaler. Fair enough: what other retail industry routinely accepts secondhand goods as part-payment for the products and services they offer? Yet in our industry, customers expect their vehicles to be treated as if they are as good as hard cash.

Gives total transparency when you’re not supervising transactions.

Managing a business is hard enough without having to watch over every transaction. We believe that Ripa provides the ultimate transparent platform to maximise your company’s profits. Ripa ensures that every deal is done over the table, whilst simultaneously providing you with a perfectly clear record of transactions.

Why buy with Ripa?

A perfect platform for buyers

– Harder & harder to get good vehicles at a commercially viable price due to factors including international and domestic competition, tightening regulatory framework, etc.

– No smoke and mirrors about what other buyers are offering – you know that you are not paying more than the difference of your final bid and the second highest bid – you are the market.

– Access to a far wider range of vehicles. Make your deals straightforward by buying exactly what your customers want.

– Ripa essentially ‘opens up’ the market to dealers who did not have access to some of the best vehicles in the market.

– No surprises – vehicles must be photographed consistently and in detail, while all apparent damage must be disclosed by the seller – allowing you to bid with confidence.

– Dispute resolution.

A fee structure essential to maintaining the integrity of the platform

Every time a vehicle is listed on Ripa, the seller and purchaser are each charged a listing fee. However, if the seller fails to accept the top bid, no charge is made to either seller or top bidder.

This allows bidders to know that if the seller doesn’t accept the bid then it costs them nothing, but also provides the seller with the opportunity to list a vehicle quickly, perhaps on behalf of someone looking at a trade-in, get an accurate price quickly, enhancing that sale opportunity. On the flip side, if the trade-in opportunity doesn’t close, then you the seller can reject the bid and it costs absolutely nothing.

Bid on as many vehicles as you can buy, pay only $100 $1* success fee when you win. No other fees or subscriptions.

*All fees on Ripa are exclusive of GST. $1 listing fee and success fee is an introductory offer – normally $100.

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