Terms and Conditions

  1. Ripa Limited is a Motor trade auction only, motor vehicle traders are welcome to bid.
  2. To bid we require you to register via the App or desktop for verification.
  3. Ripa Limited is purely for Motor Trade so falls within the meaning of the Consumer Guarantees act 1993, Prior to and during the auction.
  4. Ripa will be used for selling and purchasing of trade motor vehicles only.
  5. All vehicles sold on Ripa will start at $1, the final bid will represent the trade market value of the auctioned vehicle.
  6. The buyer acknowledges that the seller has given an honest description of the auctioned vehicle by photos and the comment box prior to the vehicle being listed.
  7. The mileage, location of the vehicle, rego, and New Zealand new are all selected by the seller, warrant date is supplied by LTSA. If the warrant or registration has expired it is upon the purchaser to arrange suitable means of legal transportation.
  8. If the final bid is not enough for the seller to facilitate a deal it is the sellers right to reject the bid.
  9. If the final bid is of an adequate amount the seller has a 15 minute window to close their deal and accept the bid, only then will the details of seller and purchaser be correlated.
  10. Once the seller accepts the bid it is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay for the vehicle with cleared funds and have the vehicle picked up within the arranged time lines with the seller.
  11. There will be a charge of $100 + GST for the seller to list the vehicle, the purchaser will be charged $100 + GST upon acceptance of their bid.
  12. If there are any auctions / sales not completed for either party for a fully run auction then the person who has failed will have their sell through rate adjusted in accordance.
  13. Anyone that misuses Ripa will be removed from the site by admin.
  14. In the unlikely event of a dispute arising, mediation will take place. You are bidding to buy!
  15. It is an offence to trade vehicles without a Motor Vehicle Dealer License, dealer numbers are required to register, anyone found to be misusing this facility will be removed immediately.

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