Top Dollar for Trade-Ins

Our patented system is by far the most rapid, transparent, and certain platform for buying and selling vehicles ever created.

Built with the art of the deal in mind

Creating the perfect auction

Imagine a huge trade auction attended by hundreds of auto traders from across the country. Ripa satisfies the needs of franchisees, independent dealers, workshops, and panelbeaters. They are as varied as the vehicles they deal in, but they all know what they’re looking for.

Every bidder has been vetted and approved by the auctioneer, every bidder is there to buy.

Now imagine having access to this market whenever you need it.

Ripa makes this impossible market a reality, at your fingertips, at all times.

A fee structure essential to maintaining the integrity of the platform

Every time a vehicle is listed on Ripa, the seller and purchaser are each charged a listing fee. However, if the seller fails to accept the top bid, no charge is made to either seller or top bidder.

This allows bidders to know that if the seller doesn’t accept the bid then it costs them nothing, but also provides the seller with the opportunity to list a vehicle quickly, perhaps on behalf of someone looking at a trade-in, get an accurate price quickly, enhancing that sale opportunity. On the flip side, if the trade-in opportunity doesn’t close, then you the seller can reject the bid and it costs absolutely nothing.

Bid on as many vehicles as you can buy, pay only $100 $1* success fee when you win. No other fees or subscriptions.

*All fees on Ripa are exclusive of GST. $1 listing fee and success fee is an introductory offer – normally $100.

Access the widest possible
wholesale market instantly

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